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December 2012

Julia R.

 Boston, Massachusetts, where James Lord Pierpon was born, writer of Jingle Bells.
      Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut, a city in Israel where Mattathias ben Johanan was born, who led a revolt against worshipping greek gods in the history behind Hannukah.


November 2012

Janie S.

 Flag of the Russian Fleet Commander (1899-1917) Flag of the Australian Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service


September 2012

David K.

 Flag of South Carolina, birth place of Althea Gibson, famous for being the first to break the 'color barrier' in tennis. She was named the New Jersey Commissioner of Athletics in 1975. Coat of Arms of Leimen, Germany, birth place of Boris Becker, a famous German tennis player who won a record 26 titles on indoor carpet courts.


August 2012

Harry H.

 Saint Paul, Minnesota. Birth place of Francis Scott Fitzgerald, author of many amazing classics, such as The Great Gatsby, and Tender is the Night. Warwickshire, England. Birth place of William Shakespeare, one of the greatest authors ever lived.


July 2012

William H.

 Flag of Connecticut, USA. Birth place of David Webb Peoples, director of the popular western Unforgiven (1992). Flag of London, England. Birth place of Andrew Victor McLaglen, director of the classic western The Shadow Riders (1982).


June 2012

Adam B.

 Flag of Guanajuato, Mexico, where Diego Rivera was born.  Flag of Zundert, a village in Brabant, in the Netherlands where Vincent Van Gogh was born.

Famous Painters

May 2012

Stephanie M.

 Flag of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Birth place of Kevin Bacon, voice actor for the movie Balto (1995).  Flag of Bunkyo, Tokyo - Birth place of Hayao Miyazaki, director of Spirited away (2001), Howl's Moving Castle (2004), and many other great movies.


April 2012

Russ A.

 Kingdom of Wurttemberg - state that was located in present-day Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, where Albert Einstein was born.  Shropshire - County in the West Midlands region of England where Charles Darwin was born.


March 2012

Gerd F.

 The flag of Hollywood, Florida. Birth place of John Lasseter, director of Toy Story 1.  The flag of County Durham, England. Birth place of Rowan Atkinson, voice actor for Zazu from the Lion King.


February 2012

Aidan T.

 The flag of Betsy Ross. Flag of the 13 original colonies for the United States. The flag of San Salvador. Capital city of the Republic of El Salvador in Central America. Also what Christopher Columbus named the first land he landed on during his expeditions to the


January 2012

James R.

 The flag of Madagascar. The flag of the Alagoas, Brazil.


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