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Past Winners

December 2011

Georgi Yanev

 The flag of the country Chile.  The flag of the Buenos Aires Province. This is the birth place of the famous soccer player Diego Maradona.

November 2011

Christine Y.

 The state flag of Austria, our favorite country in Europe: of course everybody knew this one. The flag of Breitenbach am Inn. Only a few true vexillologists knew this one!

October 2011

Tim B.

 The flag of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.  The flag of the French Foreign Legion.

September 2011

Georgi Yanev

 The flag of the Aaland Islands, Finland. Correctly identified by 59 people. The flag of Koszalin County, Poland. Correctly identified by 21 people.

August 2011

Robert Sobut

 The flag of Jamaica. Correctly identified by 67 people. 
  The flag of Westergeest in the Netherlands. Correctly identified by 20 people.

July 2011

Gabriel Pandy-Szekeres

 The flag of the Guilford Courthouse, an historical of the United States. Correctly identified by 52 people. The flag of the Franche-Comte province of France. Correctly identified by 43 people.

June 2011

Timo Cernohorsky

 The flag of the state of Arizona, United States. Correctly identified by 78 people. The flag of the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Correctly identified by 65 people.

May 2011

Mark Wallig

 The flag of Saskatchewan, Canada. Correctly identified by 75 people. The flag of Lancashire County, England. Correctly identified by 56 people.

April 2011

Patricia Houmdi

 The flag of Western Australia. Correctly identified by 58 people. The flag of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Correctly identified by 31 people.

March 2011

Gerlinde Korner

 The flag of Anguilla. Correctly identified by 68 people. The flag of Houk, Chuuk in Micronesia. Correctly identified by 29 people.

February 2011

Joel Barini

 The flag of the state of the Yukon Territory, Canada. Correctly identified by 51 people. The flag of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Correctly identified by 23 people.

January 2011

Joy Doucette

 The Cocos Islands, Territory of Australia. Correctly identified by 42 people. The flag of Belcarra, British Columbia, Canada. Correctly identified by 13 people.

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Welcome to Name That Flag!